Encouraging Words for Children

Children are very impressionable. They will believe whatever they hear, whether it is positive, negative, happy, or scary.
Even as adults, if we are told, “You can’t do it,” it makes a mark on our subconscious. Imagine if we all had words of positive encouragement to help us feel motivated, no matter the task.
It’s important to be sincere when talking to children. Point out a specific aspect of your child’s task, behavior or personality to praise and use descriptive words. Instead of just saying “Good job”, try naming the task you are proud of: “I love that you picked up your cars and placed them on the shelf.”
This school year, start off on the right foot by encouraging your child and using words and phrases that have a positive impact. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had a bad day or if you are just trying to start the morning off on the right note, these simple words can change a child’s day.

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”
-Haim Ginott

50 things you can say to encourage your child:

• You are gifted.
• I appreciate your listening skills.
• Great job coming up with
a solution.
• I love the way you figured that out on your own.
• You have improved so much!
• I love how hard you are trying.
• I believe in you.
• You make me proud.
• You must have practiced
a lot!
• Everyone has bad days.
Tell me about it.
• Good remembering!
• Nothing can stop you!
• That took a lot of patience.
• You are important.
• That was a kind thing to do.
• You have been such a great friend.
• You have a unique sense
of style.
• You are so smart!
• I love listening to you talk.
• I am proud to be your parent.
• You are strong.
• Your kindness makes me proud.
• Believe in yourself.
• You are capable of great things.
• Your ideas are creative!
• I admire your values.
• I love seeing how you worked together to succeed.
• Don’t give up! You’re almost there!
• I love your smile.
• You have such a kind heart.
• You are very talented.
• Keep working at it!
• What a creative solution!
• I have faith in you.
• Your words are powerful.
• Your ideas matter.
• Your honesty makes me proud.
• I like how you describe
your feelings.
• Thank you for cooperating.
• Your thoughtfulness is wonderful.
• You inspire me.
• Your opinion matters.
• I’m so glad you asked for help.
• I love seeing you shine!
• You achieved your goal
with hard work.
• Your imagination is awesome!
• I am proud of the person you are becoming.
• It’s fun to spend time
with you.
• I am happy you tried
your best.
• I love you.


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